Visual Artist

Kalee's most recent project is a portion of her Master of Fine Arts Exhibition and a collaborative project in which she is inviting anyone to participate. To take part in this collaboration, Kalee is asking for you to send her digital images that represent your past and past memories. Kalee will then take these digital photographs and create collages using a technique that involves taking the digital code of the digital photograph and combining it with those of other images. This act of combining the digital data of multiple images is symbolic to the collective memories we have as a community and society. In the final images, which will be similar to the image above, will be presented with the collaborators’ name and location. If you have any questions or if you are interested in participating, please email If you would like to send images, please send them via or

Examples of types of photographs to send:

·      Photos from vacations

·      Photos from Special Events (weddings, birthday, parties, ect.)

·      Photos from seemingly mundane moments in your life

·      Photos scanned (high res) from a photo album

·      Photos taken with a DSLR camera (super high res) (RAW, JEG, TIF)

·      Photos taken with an iphone (1-3megs in size) (JPG)

·      Unedited, straight from the camera